Financial Inclusion, understood as the "state in which all people can have access to a wide range of quality financial services, at affordable prices, in a convenient and dignified way for citizens", is becoming more relevant and powerful Within the agenda of the economic authorities of Latin America and the Caribbean.
In this regard, in Chile, the creation and implementation of the services of Banco Estado, Caja Vecina (July 2006) and RUT Account (January 2007); The start of operations of the Chile Cuenta Program (June 2013); The creation of the Technical Secretariat for Financial Inclusion (November 2014), give an account of the progress made by our country in this matter.
In this context, the Universidad Tecnico Federico Santa María adds to the challenge of Financial Inclusion, hosting the 2017 version of the most important international financial landmark in Latin America, the XVII International Finance Conference (IFC).

Therefore, we invite researchers, academics, post-graduate students and professionals in the area to send their contributions in the area of Financial Inclusion, as well as works related to financial education and financial sustainability, derivative instruments, exchange market microstructure and crisis Financial and others.
The XVII International Finance Conference will take place at the Vitacura Campus of the Federico Santa María Technical University, located in the city of Santiago, the center of economic and business activity in our country between August 30 and September 2, 2017.

Ph.D. Walter Fraser Morales
IFC-2017 President Congress

organisation Team

  • Head of Conference

    PhD. Walter Fraser M.

  • Executive and Academic Director

    PhD. Teresita Arenas Y.

  • International Affairs
    and Local Partnership

    PhD. Patricio Rubio R.

  • Executive Academic Assistant

    Mg. Juan Romagosa G.

  • Executive Technic Assistant

    Fernando Rowland L.

  • Communications and Public
    Relations Director

    Paula Figari R.

  • Account Executive Assistant

    Mg. Andrea Urrutia M.

Teachers Collaborators

    USM Commercial Engineering Department

    Teresita Arenas Yáñez.
    Marcela Caro Campos.
    Guísela Gallardo Pilar.
    Juan Graffigna Bordigoni.
    Verónica Guerrero Fuenzalida.
    Mabel Herrera Fernández.
    Jaime Marchant García.
    Jaime Pardo Soto.
    Darío Plaza Sánchez.
    Juan Romagosa García